About the Phone Application :

Our application was designed to meet the needs of the Process Server and for that reason alone our application is unique in functionality. Our application was designed to meet the specific demands of the New York City GPS and Digital record rules but we didn't stop there. Our goal is to create a valuable tool that will not only keep the process server in compliance but help them run a more efficient business!

Features include:

  • Multiple Jobs completed with JUST ONE CLICK! *
  • Link to all your Agency's with our one application
  • SPEED!
  • Directions right to your Phone**
  • Handle your GPS and Digital Records at the same time!

*Please note that you should only use this feature to complete jobs that are served at the same time in the same way to the same person. This ideally used for service on a corporation and or government agency.
**This feature is only available with certain interfaces
***Please note that the Independent Server application only extracts the GPS coordinates from the device. The device itself generates the coordinate. Our application is not responsible for the accuracy of those coordinates. If there is an issue with accuracy please contact the device manufacturer or your network provider.

How It Works!
To create a system to meet the needs of the process server,

took the collaborative work of the Process Serving Agencies, the Software Providers and most importantly YOU the Process Server! Each Agency has an interface to your Single Application. This allows the Service Information to be directly sent from their Database to your Phone. At the time of the Service Attempt you will be able to pull all the necessary Data that the DCA demands and then send all that data along with the attempt ...

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The Independent Server
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