If I sign up for an account with www.theindependentserver.com are my digital records being complied with?

If all of the process servers you employee or contract with are using www.theindependentserver.com then your digital records are being stored in compliance to the DCA rules. Having your account with us ensures that those records will be unaltered and stored the mandated 7 year time period.

What does it cost to have an Agency account?

www.theindependentserver.com does not currently charge for an Agency account.

If I have an Agency account do I need to have a separate Process Serving account with www.theindependentserver.com?

Yes. DCA requires you to keep two sets of records one for your agency and the other as a process server so two separate accounts are necessary if you serve papers.

How do I get the case Information to my process servers?

There are three ways you can get the case information to the process server:

  • Interface directly with the phones with our open API
  • Upload the data via CSV files directly into your account via our CSV terminal
  • Manually enter jobs directly into your account through our Manual Interface.

Are there Software databases that have already developed an interface with www.theindependentserver.com that I can purchase?

Currently we have three outside vendors that have developed interfaces into our phone app.
Loyal Dog Software - www.loyalpuppy.com - - loyalpuppy@gmail.com
Process Master - www.polymathtech.com - - support@polymathtech.com
Edocx Paperless Solutions - - services@edocxsolutions.com

I have developed a custom database.. Do I have to switch?

Our system has an open API that allows different databases to interface with our phone applications. Many agencies have developed a custom interface that allows them to send case information directly from their database to the phones. The cost and support of your interface Is the responsibility of the Agency. If you would like a copy of the API please email theindependentserver@gmail.com.

What is a CSV file and how do I create it?

CSV stands for Comma SeparatedValue. There are many ways to create them. One easy way is to simply change the file type in a program like Microsoft Excel to CSV when saving a file. You will know it was saved correctly if you see the file has a csv extension in its name -- for example filename.csv

How do I upload the CSV files and what are protocols in downloading them?

First it is important to understand what you will be uploading. The CSV files will consist of three separate files. These files must be uploaded at the same time.

  • Process Server File - this file will contain specific information on the Process Server s that have jobs assigned to them. This file must be named ps.csv
  • Jobs File - This file will consist of all necessary case information for each service assigned. This file should contain only OPEN jobs that have not been completed. The name of this file must be jobs.csv
  • Address file - This file will have the address information for each job. This file must be named addr.csv

Each file has specific column headers that must be placed in the first row of each file. The columns must be labeled exactly like the below examples in name and in order.

ps.csv must have the column headers listed directly below;

jobs.csv must have the column headers listed directly below;
CourtIndexNumber, DocumentsBeingServed, LawFirmFileNumber

addr.csv must have the column headers listed directly below;

Every time an agency uploads new files the old files that were stored on our servers will be deleted. All jobs uploaded must be ALL open jobs otherwise your process servers will be downloading jobs to their phones that have already been completed. This will cause a longer delay in the download function and make it harder for the process server to manage his work load.

The ServerID in the ps.csv file (process server file) must be a unique number no more than 9 digits.
The AgencyJobNumber in the jobs.csv file must be a unique number no more than 9 digits.
The AddrID in the addr.csv file must be a unique number no more than 9 digits.

An example of how the CSV files work is the following;
In the ps.csv file a process server named Joe Schmoe has a ServerID of "12"

In the jobs.csv file each job that is assigned to Joe Schmoe has the ServerID column populated as "12"- So Joe has a service on Jane Doe -- that service has a unique agencyjobnumber of "35" and the ServerID column is populated with "12". Joe Shmoe also has a service on John Doe that agencyjobNumber is "36" and the ServerID is still populated with "12".

The service for Jane Doe has two address for her. So the addr.csv file would have the first address 123 Ocean Ave to have AddrID of "95" and the AgencyJobNumber field populated with "35" the second address would be on a second line with the AddrID of "96" but the AgencyJobNumber field would still be "35" to mathc the record in the jobs,csv

This way you can have multiple jobs for one process server and multiple addresses for one job. In the example below the corresponding files would look something like this;








Joe Schmoe




jobs.csv (not all columns are shown)

AgencyJobNo ServerIDmm Servee CourtName CourtCounty Plaintiff Defendant CourtIndexNo LawFirmFileNo
35 12

Jane doe


New Tork

USA Bank

Mary Ann



36 12 John doe district Bronx ABC NYC 12345-2011  









35 95

123 Ocean Ave



35 96

240 Maple Ave

Brooklyn NY 11002
36 97

987 Main st.

Brooklyn NY 11003

Do I have to still scan my Log Book if I use www.theindependentserver.com application?

The short answer is No. DCA has given the Process server 3 options to be able to comply with the Digital Record requirements. One of those options is to download the mandatory data to a third party vendor where your data will be stored for 7 years in tables that cannot be edited. Our site, www.theindependentserver.com meets that requirement. It will be up to the server to make sure that each service and service attempt is submitted.

So when I submit my service attempts and service to the www.theindependentserver.com using the android application, I am complying with both the Digital record requirements and the GPS requirements?

Yes as long as the process server is using the application for each attempt and Service you will be meeting both requirements.

How do the GPS Coordinates and Date/Time get on the photo and to The Independent Server for DCA Compliance?

At the time the photo is taken through The Independent Server app, the GPS Coordinates (Latitude/Longitude) and Date/Time are stamped and encrypted on the photo.
The GPS Coordinates and Date/Time from the photo, along with job and service information, are then submitted through the app directly to The Independent Server as is required by DCA regulation.

If I don't work for an Agency can I still use www.theindependentserver.com?

Yes! Process Servers can log into their account and select "Manual Entry" to enter the case information on each service prior to the attempt. Each service will be assigned a unique job number by our database and the Process server can then download those jobs into their phones. Please see the video tutorials on how this is done.

How much does it Cost?

www.theindependentserver.com offers two membership plans: Silver membership is $25.00 per month, but certified records are provided for $20 per month of certification. Gold membership is $40.00 per month (must commit to one year) and includes certified records at no cost as needed for DCA or Traverse requests.

How does my payment get processed?

Your payment will be automatically processed by Intuit. You must complete the Membership Form and appropriate Recurring Payment Authorization Form to initiate or update your billing information. Forms are available by clicking on the blue menu item "Forms" in your account at TheIndependentServer.com. Fax forms to (631) 938-1459.

Are there any other fees to Process servers that manually enter their jobs or is there a limit to how many jobs a process server can enter without being charged more?

NO. We do not charge process servers by the job, nor are there any additional fees for adding agencies. A process server can enter as many jobs as they want and work for as many agencies that they want to without having to worry any extra expense.

What type of device does a Process Server need to use your system?

Currently our application can be run on any phone using an Android operating system with a 4.2 or better version with an additional memory card (Most if not all new Android phones that have come out in the past year meet this requirement) and THE IPHONE with the iOS 6 or iOS 7 operating system.

Can I use a Tablet that has an Android operating system with a 4.2 or higher version on it?

Although the tablets have not been as field tested as the cell phones have, many process servers have decided to use the tablets do to the larger screen. We have not received any reported dissues from those users.

Is the Iphone compatible?

Apple has officially confirmed that the Iphone cannot retrieve the time and date from the GPS satellite. However, on November 17th the DCA has officially recognized a work around for this issue and we now have developed a compliant Iphone application available in the Apple Store!

Will there be a Blackberry app?

The Blackberry app is not currently supported. We do plan to support Blackberry in the future.

How It Works!
To create a system to meet the needs of the process server,

took the collaborative work of the Process Serving Agencies, the Software Providers and most importantly YOU the Process Server! Each Agency has an interface to your Single Application. This allows the Service Information to be directly sent from their Database to your Phone. At the time of the Service Attempt you will be able to pull all the necessary Data that the DCA demands and then send all that data along with the attempt ...

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