Power of Choice = Lower Cost

The www.TheIndependentServer.com gives the power of choice to the subscriber. We have developed a state of the art phone application for Android 4.2 or higher operating system, and the iPhone iOS 6 and iOS 7 operating system. This allows you to search for the best deal that fits your needs. You will not have to be tied to one mobile carrier and one type of phone. You choose the carrier and you choose your phone!

  • Choose Your Phone! With multiple applications for various operating systems you will be able to choose a Smart Phone that best fits your needs and budget.
  • Choose Your Network Carrier. Certain phones are only accessible on a specific network. Many other software providers only create a single application that will force the process server to use a network no matter the cost. Our system lets you choose from a variety of networks, that supports smart phone data plans. The power of this choice allows you to choose the best competitive plan on the market that best fits your needs -- saving you money and aggravation.
How It Works!
To create a system to meet the needs of the process server,

took the collaborative work of the Process Serving Agencies, the Software Providers and most importantly YOU the Process Server! Each Agency has an interface to your Single Application. This allows the Service Information to be directly sent from their Database to your Phone. At the time of the Service Attempt you will be able to pull all the necessary Data that the DCA demands and then send all that data along with the attempt ...

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